Responsible Design — We embrace principles of slow manufacturing by focusing on quality over quantity. We are inherently drawn to processes that cannot be reproduced by mass production, finding they often achieve the most unique results.

Our Values


We strive to make clear: what people are purchasing from us, how it was made, and who made it.


Our work is designed and manufactured to stand the test of time. We value quality over quantity, only producing our work in small batches or to-order.


We are nothing without our network of craftspeople and collaborators. We will always champion their skills and bring opportunities directly to them. We do not gatekeep craftsmanship.


We are well aware of how limited the paths of entry into the design world are. We strive to bring awareness to the positive role of design for all types of people, through all walks of life. We want everyone, regardless of background or ability, to feel they have a space within the design world.


The distinct shapes in our work are achieved by a skilled craftsperson. We manipulate material with use of many different tools and machinery. All of our work is hand-assembled in our London workshop. Specialised finishes, like our use of pigmented linseed oil, can only be done by hand.

Time-Honoured Processes

Tried-and-tested Joinery

For all of our work, we employ traditional joinery to ensure the longevity of our work. These are time-tested methods 

that have proven to last centuries. That furniture you see at the V&A Museum or at the Met? We make our furniture the same way. Using methods proven to last centuries ensures our own furniture’s legacy.

Materials chosen for longevity

To ensure our work can always be fixed by skilled craftsmen to come, we use hide glue. Furniture that is put together with PVC glue can rarely be repaired without damage to the entire piece. This is especially the case with chairs.
Hide glue is a natural adhesive derived from animal hide. It reacts to and loosens with high temperatures. The use of hide glue means that should a chair leg need replacing, a craftsperson can pour boiling water overtop, release the leg, and replace it without affecting the rest of the chair. Whatever may happen, our furniture can always be repaired.

Old-school upholstery methods

Our upholstery is developed in collaboration with specialist upholsterers Coakley & Cox in Norfolk, England. Made up of a small dedicated team of pattern cutters, seamstresses, upholsterers, and product developers, all work is done in-house.

Carefully Selected Materials

Timber Selection

We carefully source solid hardwood timber with longevity in mind. Learn more about our timber options here. 

Natural Upholstery

Our upholstery is made up of only natural materials. We never use petrochemical based foam or FR treated materials. Learn more about our upholstery practices her

Non-toxic Finishes

We always prioritise natural, non-toxic materials to finish our work. From natural oils to vinegar solutions, we do our best to avoid harmful chemicals. Learn more about the materials we use here.