Care & Maintenance — We work with materials that are inherently easy to maintain. For us, design for use means designing for real-life. With only a little care, our pieces can be enjoyed for generations to come.


Our work is finished and sealed using Osmo oil - a mix of natural oils and waxes. This finish is absorbed by the timber, allowing for both breathability and water resistance. Please ensure to wipe any spills quickly with a dry cloth, as they can cause water marks.
For a deeper clean, wood soap such as Murphy’s Oil Soap or mild detergent with warm water can be used. Use of a soft cloth is recommended. We also recommend patch testing any cleaning method on a discrete part of the furniture beforehand.
We only use furniture grade timber, meaning it has been kiln dried to the ideal moisture content to prevent movement. That said, timber is a natural material that will shrink or swell according to the environment it is in.
Avoid placing timber furniture in prolonged direct sunlight (e.g. under skylights) or next to radiators, as this can cause movement and/or warping. 


We use a natural reel rush which can start off with green / beige, mellowing out to a golden beige over time. Rush does not require much fuss, just an occasional vacuum. Any spills should be wiped immediately.
For a deeper clean, use water and mild soap. We recommend drying outdoors on a sunny day. To clean between the strands, a soft brush should be used, and the seat can be allowed to dry outside. Stains can be removed using denatured alcohol on a cleaning cloth.
Some prefer to use a Scotch Guard to prevent any staining. This is at the owner’s discretion.
Do not store or use cane or rush-woven furniture in areas where mould and mildew can present a problem.